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2019 Annual Report

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We fight for the Health, Education and Financial Stability of every person in our community.

A Letter From Your President


David Hudson

Board President
United Way of Amarillo & Canyon

Dear Friends and Supporters,

A review of the work of your United Way without a mention of the word “pandemic” is pretty hard to do. Our world changed virtually overnight toward the end of our most recent fiscal year when we realized an illness that seemed like a distant threat had the power to disrupt every aspect of our daily lives.

But what power do we have over a pandemic? As it turns out, plenty. We’re much stronger than we first imagined, and United Way of Amarillo & Canyon has proven once again that strength in numbers along with a common purpose is still best resistance against adversity. 

United Way of Amarillo & Canyon has been building our community since 1924. We’ve provided a united front against the Great Depression, a world war, economic downturns and everything else that has threatened to undo us. We have to remember that these upheavals were temporary, but the struggles of poverty, illness and hopelessness are ongoing, and we must never let down our guard. 

In this 2019-2020 report you will see that, in spite of unplanned challenges, we increased grant support by almost 40% over the previous fiscal year. That’s an incredible statistic. The funds raised by businesses and individuals in our communities provided support to 18 agencies and four new programs including the 2-1-1 Specific Aid program to fill gaps in local services.

And we met the pandemic head on toward the end of our fiscal year with a new Emergency Relief Fund to raise community dollars above and beyond our annual campaign goal that are allocated to local 501(c)3 nonprofit agencies directly serving individuals affected by the pandemic. This fund continues to grow and will have a deep impact well into the future. The good it can do will far outlast the pandemic.

These are just a few highlights of what has transpired since our last annual report. Please take a moment to review our work to see the full picture of what the United Way of Amarillo & Canyon is doing – a stewardship of blessings that reflects the giving spirit and determination of our many donors. And please continue to support the mission of United Way through your giving, keeping in mind that no gift is insignificant when we all give together. 


David Hudson, Board President


Our Team

Board Of Directors
Leadership Donors
Loaned Executives
Council Members
youth Leadership


Board of Directors

Executive Board

David Hudson, President
Jim Bryan, President Elect/VP of Financial Accountability
Dean Frigo, Treasurer
Steve Stockton, Secretary
Mary Coyne, VP of Marketing and Communications
Brenda Alward, VP of Financial Accountability
Billy May, VP of Community Impact
Cody Jones, VP of Governance and Strategic Planning
Dane Williams, Campaign Co-Chair
Brandy Sanchez, Campaign Co-Chair
Joseph Peterson, Young Professionals United Chair
Judy Day, VP of Community Impact
Sherrie Padilla, VP of Nominating

Governing Board

Andy Marshall
Bowden E. Jones, Jr.
Dr. Brad Johnson
Dr. Darryl Flusche
David Bradley
David Ogle
Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart
Chief Ed Drain
Ernesto Sanchez
Jeremy Pepper
John Luciano
Julie Hulsey
Kyle Ingham
Leslie Massey
Marcus Norris
Megan Reed
Mercy Murguia
Michael Gonzales
Michelle Reichert
Mike Good
Mubashir Subhani
Patti McKnight
Steve Bowen
Teresa Prock

Management Staff

Katie Noffsker, Executive Director
Belinda Crelia-Palacios, Sr. Director of Community Impact
Adam Leathers, Sr. Director of Community Impact (started 1/22/2020)
Amy Montoya, Finance Director
Kasey Long, Major Gifts Officer
Jason McCoy, Resource Development Director
Kelly Stephens, Director of 2-1-1 Texas Panhandle
Honnah Taylor, Marketing & Communication Director

Leadership Donors

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Loaned Executives


Steven Abrahamson Xcel Energy
America Adame Amarillo College
Tracie Adams Gallagher
William Bailey FirstCapital Bank 
Kim Banner City of Canyon
Elaina Burkhalter United Way of Amarillo & Canyon
RaLynda Christie Valero Payment Service Center
Tracy Cooper ASARCO
Tim Cox Street Toyota
Curtis Crump Amarillo ISD
Katie Culwell Amarillo ISD
Adrian Deleon United Supermarkets
Ryan Escalon Street Toyota
Annabelle Estrada Amarillo National Bank
Jason Eugea Bell 
Libby Garcia Amarillo National Bank
Jackie Gavlik Texas Tech SECC
Mariel Goodgion Xcel Energy
Brad Griffin Happy State Bank
Julianne Guy MCMC
Amanda Hedtke Bell
Callie Holton KAMR Local 4 and Fox 14
Randalyn Huyck AISD
Rick Keller Country Chevrolet
Donna Knight City of Amarillo
Bonnie Lasher Community Volunteer
Tucker Lee Happy State Bank
April  Leming Amarillo ISD
Jarrod Madden Amarillo College
Pamela Madden Amarillo College
Destiny Manhart Leslie Massey Agency Farmers Insurance
Claudia Martinez Happy State Bank
Haley Matlack Street Toyota
Billy May English Rose 
Kelly McDonald FirstBank Southwest
KC McNatt United Supermarkets
Sindy Monasmith Street Volkswagen
Jason Myers Toot’n Totum
Katy Parrish Suddenlink
Perry Perkins BSA Health Systems
Andrea Pfeifer Amarillo ISD
Tricia Plumley BSA Health Systems
Joseph  Pugh United Supermarkets
Johnathan Rejino AutoInc
TJ Reyna CNS Pantex
Justin Rocha AutoInc
Kelsey Sargent City of Amarillo
Adam Schaer KB Recycling
Stephanie Schumacher Amarillo National Bank
Kelly  Simpson Amarillo ISD
Shawn Smith CNS Pantex
Karalee Snyder Xcel Energy
Sherry Spells-Washington TDCJ
Joni Stone Amarillo College
Charles Thomas II CNS Pantex
Blane Thornton McCartt & Associates
Tyler Vance First United Bank
Ronnie Walker Xcel Energy
Megan Ward WTAMU
Peter Warrick Atmos Energy
Wacey Williams AutoInc
Cindi Wynia City of Amarillo

Council Members

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Youth Leadership

The United Way of Amarillo & Canyon Youth Leadership Cabinet (YLC) is designed to enhance the United Way mission by replicating the United Way general campaign at the high school level. The 2019-2020 YLC is comprised of about 85 students representing nine local high schools from five school districts. The YLC, along with numerous company and community volunteers, hosted United Way of Amarillo & Canyon’s annual Youth Day at the Civic Center in October 2019. Youth Day was attended by over 800 students from 22 area middle schools and high schools and acted as the catalyst for a successful youth-led campaign. After Youth Day the YLC is tasked with raising awareness at their schools for the needs in the community, enhancing their knowledge of the community programs supported by United Way of Amarillo & Canyon, raising funds at their schools, and then allocating those funds to United Way partner agencies servicing the most critical areas of need. The funds raised through the Youth Campaign are donated entirely by students from grades K-12 at campuses all across our community. This year, 19 applications from 14 agencies were submitted to request project-specific funding. YLC students conducted program site visits, evaluated applications, and diligently made funding decisions for the money raised. The YLC presented checks to each agency. United Way of Amarillo & Canyon is proud to partner with these young adults to help plant the seed of philanthropic principles to our future leaders.

View Agencies

The 2019-20 Youth Leadership Cabinet and youth philanthropy programs raised $57,000.00

2-1-1 Specific Aid – $3,000.00
Boy Scouts of America: Scoutreach – $3,000.00
Buckner: safety project- $3,000.00
Buckner: FYi Emergency Needs – $3,000.00
Catholic Charities: Hunger Project – $3,000.00
Coalition of Health Services: Nurse Family Partnerships – $3,000.00
Epilepsy Foundation: Art & Education Program – $3,000.00
Epilepsy Foundation: Camp Scholarships – $3,000.00
Family Care Foundation: Dental Assistance – $3,000.00
Family Support Services: Project Hopes – $3,000.00
Girl Scouts of Texas: Equestrian Program – $3,000.00
Maverick Boys & Girls Club: Education Centers – $3,000.00
Maverick Boys & Girls Club: Robotics – $3,000.00
Area Agency on Aging: FoodNet – $3,000.00
Red Cross: Disaster Services – $3,000.00
Red Cross: Home Fire Campaign – $3,000.00
Salvation Army: Homeless Women Supplies – $3,000.00
Wesley Community Center: Senior Citizens Center – $3,000.00
Wesley Community Center: Child-Care Program – $3,000.00

Youth Leadership Cabinet Adult Volunteers:

Sheila Roach, Julio Salazar, & Steve Stockton

Youth Leadership Teacher Sponsors:

Janna Fink, Randal HS,
Kacie McDaniel, Palo Duro HS
Katy Fletcher, Bushland HS
Katye Barglsey, Amarillo HS
Linda Wilson, Caprock HS
Rachel Freeman, River Road HS
Rala Underwood, Highland Park HS
Tyler Pamplin, Tascosa HS
Kimberly Sharber, Canyon HS

Schools who raised funds for Youth Leadership Cabinet: 2019-2020

River Road ISD – All Levels
Highland Park ISD- All Levels
Bushland ISD- All Levels
Tascosa High School
Amarillo High School
Palo Duro High School
Caprock High School
Canyon High School
Randall High School
Whittier Elementary
Horace Mann Middle School
Park Hills Elementary
Ridgecrest Middle School
Bowie Middle School
Bowie 6th Elementary
Avondale Elementary
Alice Landergin Elementary
Olsen Park Elementary
Coronado Elementary
Wolflin Elementary
South Lawn Elementary
Austin Middle School
Puckett Elementary
Bonham Elementary
Emerson Middle School
Oak Dale Elementary
Pleasant Valley Elementary
Paramount Terrace Elementary
South Georgia Elementary
Lamar Elementary
San Jacinto Elementary
Lawndale Elementary
Hamlet Elementary
Mesa Verde Elementary
Travis Middle School
Wills Elementary
Bivins Elementary
Carver Middle School
Woodlands Elementary
Johnny N. Allen Middle School
Tradewind Elementary
Travis 6th Grade
Canyon Jr. High
Gene Howe Elementary
Lakeview Elementary
Greenways Elementary
Hillside Elementary

Who We Are


We work every day to achieve our mission by focusing on the three core building blocks of a strong and healthy community: Education, Health and Income

Our Mission

Day of Caring
Corporate Donors
Victory Celebration
2-1-1 Texas

Day of Caring

On Friday, April 12, 2019, hundreds of volunteers in our community came together to dedicate their time to making a difference. This incredible effort to serve our community represents a close partnership between United Way of Amarillo & Canyon, our nonprofit partners, community partners, sponsors and volunteers who stood up to make a difference. Great things happen when we Live United!

2019 Sponsors

Amarillo College $5,000.00
Xcel Energy $5,000.00
CNS Pantex $2,000.00
Street VW $500.00
Wells Fargo $500.00
Bank of America $450.00
Amarillo National Bank $250.00
FirstBank Southwest $250.00
KAMR $250.00
Texas Panhandle Charities $250.00

Total $14,450.00

Dollars Saved

Corporate Leadership Donors


La Société Nationale

Xcel Energy
Amarillo National Bank


Ordre de Fraternité

CNS Pantex
United Supermarkets


Ordre de Liberté

Valero Services Inc.
Duke Electric
Caviness Beef Packers
Budweiser Distributing


Membres de la Société

Zachry Group
FirstCapital Bank of Texas
Happy State Bank
NuStar Energy
Amarillo Business Foundation
CSI Meridian Division
Bank of America
Toot’n Totum Food Stores
Valero Foundation
Wells Fargo Foundation



Baptist Community Services
Underwood Law Firm



Cenex Harvest States
Progress Rail Car Services
First United Bank
Josephine Anderson Charitable Trust
Missouri Valley
The English Rose
United Supermarkets Foundation



Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Herring Bank
Process Solutions Integration LLC
ONEOK Westex Transmission
Border States Electric
Oeschger Family Foundation
Rabern Rentals



Johnson & Sheldon, P.C./ProPay
Eaton Cooper-Crouse Hinds, Inc.
Betenbough Homes
Texas Cattle Feeders Association
A & S General Contractors, Inc.
Choice Media
FMC Services, LLC
Furman Land Surveyors
Mullin Hoard & Brown, L.L.P.
NewsChannel 10
Rex Young Allstate


Amarillo Wesley Community Center, Behind the Scenes Modeling Program- $21,600.00

Amarillo Wesley Community Center, Wesley Wrestling Club- $13,500.00

Boy Scouts, Golden Spread Council, Cub Scouts, Scoutreach, Venturing/COPE- $154,000.00

Buckner Children & Family Services, Transition Center- $18,000.00

Family Support Services, Education Programs- $85,000.00

Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains, Girls at School- $71,000.00

Maverick Boys & Girls Clubs, Academic Success- $360,000.00


Children’s Learning Centers of Amarillo, Low Income Child Care $193,200.00

Family Support Services, Veterans Resource Center- $17,940.00

Goodwill of Northwest Texas, Job Training/Placement- $103,500.00


Amarillo Recovery from Alcohol & Drugs (a program of Cenikor), Drug & Alcohol Recovery- $36,000.00

Amarillo Wesley Community Center, Senior Citizen Program- $15,000.00

COHS – Nurse Family Partnership- $10,000.00

Epilepsy Foundation West Texas, Epilepsy Clinic- $15,000.00

Family Support Services, Counseling- $87,000.00

Jan Werner Adult Day Care Center, Adult Day Care Program- $75,000.00


American Red Cross, TX Panhandle, Disaster Services- $50,000.00

American Red Cross, TX Panhandle, Home Fire Campaign- $10,000.00

Catholic Charities of the TX Panhandle, InterFaith Hunger Project- $100,000.00

Family Care Foundation, Dental Assistance- $11,000.00

Family Support Services, Crisis Services/Domestic Violence- $45,000.00

Family Support Services, Crisis Services/Sexual Assault- $35,000.00

Guyon Saunders Resource Center, Community Day Room- $15,000.00

PRPC/Area Agency on Aging, FoodNet- $110,000.00

The Salvation Army, Emergency Shelter Services- $75,263.00

2-1-1 Specific Aid- $68,176.00


AISD, Padres Colaboradores Leadership Program- $22,000.00

Family Support Services, STI & Unplanned Pregnancy Initiative- $58,500.00

Living Intentionally Ministries, Set for Success GED Adult Education GED Program- $69,325.44

Total Poverty Prevention Allocations- $149,825.44*

*Funding separate from allocated dollars.

Total Allocations


Victory Celebration

Here are some awards to celebrate the accomplishments of donors and volunteers from our 2019/2020 fundraising campaign.

Community Champion


Owens Corning
Amarillo Gear

Rookie of the Year


William Bailey

Summit Award


NuStar Energy

Loaned Executive of the Year


Adam Schaer, KB Recycling

Spirit of the High Plains Award


Amarillo National Bank
Street Toyota
Caviness Beef Packers

Newcomer Award


Country Auto Group

Exceptional Achievement Award


Wells Fargo

Assistant Team Leader of the Year


Stephanie Schumacher, Amarillo National Bank

Team Leader of the Year


Ryan Escalon, Street Auto Group

Excellence in
Community Impact


Bobbie Austin

Excellence in
Community Outreach


Terry Price, Xcel Energy

President’s Significant Achievement Award


Joseph Peterson, Jr. Edward Jones

Sybil B. Harrington Leadership Award


Amarillo National Bank

Volunteer of
the Year


Jim Bryan, Happy State Bank

Employee Campaign Coordinator of the Year


Megan Reed, Bell

Our Mission Continues


Watch this video about two programs that strive to create an environment where positive self-worth can be realized and seek to maximize both individual potential and community empowerment.

2-1-1 Texas

United Way of Amarillo & Canyon provides comprehensive information and referral services to individuals and agencies in the top 26 counties of the Texas Panhandle through 2-1-1 Texas Information & Referral Network.  Calls are answered by friendly, trained specialists with a database of community services at their fingertips. All information and referrals are free, confidential and aimed at connecting those who need help with the most appropriate resources available.  

See the Needs

Electric Service Payment Assistance (2,184, 15.8%)
Food Pantries (1,675, 12.1%)
Rent Payment Assistance (1,456, 10.5%)
Water Service Payment Assistance (506, 3.7%)
Area Agency on Aging (444, 3.2%)
Gas Service Payment Assistance (441, 3.1%)
Gas Money (351, 2.5%)
Low Income/Subsidize Private Rental Housing (341, 2.4%)
Prescription Expense Assistance (268, 1.9%)
Section 8 Housing Choice Vouchers (238, 1.7%)
Other Needs (5,910, 43.8%)
Presenting Needs
Total Calls

Community Youth Development

Community Youth Development (CYD) is a juvenile delinquency prevention program targeted to youth in neighborhoods within the 79107 zip code. Beginning in 1996 and funded by the Texas Department of Family & Protective Services, Amarillo’s program was among the first eleven zip codes targeted statewide by the CYD program. Targeting is a measure of the high rate of violent juvenile crime and delinquency in a zip code area. CYD-funded programs are provided at no cost to youth participants who are residents of, or attend a school in the 79107 ZIP Code.

Additional statistics:
April 2019 – March 2020
Unduplicated Youth: 1,096
Total Units of Service: 11,291 Sessions
CYD Provider Agencies:
Amarillo College and Family Support Services

The Amarillo 79107 program has exceeded expectations and in 2019, 97.31% of the youth in the program did not become involved with the juvenile justice system. CYD is an example of community impact and the return on taxpayer and donor investments. CYD as prevention has been phenomenally successful and provided cost savings to taxpayers potentially in the millions of dollars. Keeping kids out of the juvenile justice system and on track toward productive lives as parents, neighbors, and citizens: PRICELESS.

CYD Provider Agencies:
Amarillo College and Family Support Services


Thank you for traveling with us through 2019!